Founder's Note

“I came to Mumbai when I was 17, with a small bag and big dreams. Spent my first day watching a shoot. It was right up top on my bucket list then. Found a job as a sweeper and hair assistant on that same set, same day. One of the best days of my life. Worked my way up one cut at a time, traveled the world and worked with the shiniest stars of the film industry and then fell, down and hard. Failure turned me towards myself. Instilled pure passion and gave me the resilience I lacked. I trained harder, dreamt greater and built D Shave, my passion project to connect the art of barbering to its roots. This venture is driven by pure love for the craft. It’s as personal to me as your hair is to you.”  

What We Do

We groom. Break stereotypes and stay connected to barbering heritage, we do our best to personalize you for you.


Boys – ₹2000/-
Girls – ₹2500/-


Hot towel shave – ₹1000/-
Beard trim – ₹750/-

Oil Champi


Hair Color

Price on Consultation  


“Darshan is just not just a great barber but also an artist. With Darshan I’m comfortable to experiment with new looks. You can either be a trend setter or someone who just follows the trend.”

“Its just been two films and he’s already transformed me. Need i say more?”

“I have always been a bit apprehensive about experimenting with my hair. That is exactly how I had walked into D shave for the first time! But Darshan played his magic with colour and I now every time I see myself in a picture, I can’t stop thanking him! <3”

“Today I feel proud & ecstatic that he's finally started the journey to fulfill his dream & we don't have to go to others salons to get a haircut. He's raised the bar coz not only is he giving you a haircut, but plans the entire look & appearance. In spite of being so deeply involved in this glam world, he's still rooted & simply wants the world to experience the true art of hair cutting in a barber shop.”

“Yes I go to a barbershop, Dshave Barbershop. Why? Cause it’s just the best, (talk quirky interiors or just FAB service) I’ve never had to look further. Your hair is such a reflection of who you truly are and THESE GUYS GET IT! Whether you want to maintain your hair and keep it simple, or want a super switch and chop it off, the barbershop is THE stop. Love you D 11/10 :)”

“Darshan is a magician with hair. Apart from being an artist he is a wonderful person. Half an hour in the salon with him and you leave not just looking better but feeling better. He is great at his job and even better as a friend”

“So I landed up at the barber shop and let Darshan take over from there .. got my first under cut which totally rocked my socks ! Dshave barber shop gives out good vibes and is cute, compact, state-of-the-art,sleek and will leave you feeling happy .. just like the barber himself ! ”

“It’s easy to go from long to short, when you have Darshan cutting and styling your hair. No FOMO, only YOLO. ”