The health and safety of our customers and staff members is our top priority as the threat of COVID-19 continues to persist. D-Shave has taken appropriate measures and necessary precautions to adhere to the standard operating procedures published by the Government of Maharashtra. 

Accordingly, we have incorporated the following standard operating procedures to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff members at all times: 

  • Our shop is sanitized every 2 (two) hours;
  • All haircut, hair colouring and shaving booths are sanitized after each service;
  • All equipment used by our staff members is sanitized and sterilized after each service;
  • All our staff members are equipped with fresh and clean protective gear such as gloves, aprons and masks that are recycled after each service; and
  • We also provide our customers with the option of using disposable towels/napkins. 

In order to ensure the quality and effective delivery of our services we also urge all our customers to adhere to the following guidelines. 

Guidelines and Protocols to Check-In

  1. In an effort to optimize customer experience and reduce delays, we encourage all customers to make an appoint via our website or contacting us on +91 96999 9709 at least 24 hours prior to the date of appointment;
  2. Prior to arriving at D-Shave, we encourage customers to conduct a self-assessment to ascertain their well-being. 
  3. On arrival at the store, D-Shave reserves the right to mandatorily measure body temperature of its customers through infrared thermometers. Please note that the collection of such information is for the sole purpose of ensuring the health and safety of our customers and staff members and that such information will not be stored, sold or transferred to any third party by D-Shave in any manner. 
  4. All customers are mandated to wear protective accessories including a mask and shall not be permitted to avail services at D-Shave unless equipped with the same. 
  5. All customers are mandated to sanitise their hands prior to entering the store and while availing services (if required).

Guidelines and Protocols while availing services 

  1. Customers are requested to maintain social distancing norms within the store and avoid ordering food or beverages when availing services or waiting to avail services. 
  2. Customers are requested to use disposable towels/napkins provided at the store to ensure hygiene and safety.
  3. In order to avoid chaotic queues at the store and ensure a seamless customer experience, we strongly recommend customers to make payments online (through our website) at the time of booking appointments and avoid paying via cash at the counter. Whilst making payment, customers are required to maintain social distancing norms if there is a queue.

The above guidelines and protocols are subject to change in applicable guidelines provided by the Government of Maharashtra. D-Shave reserves the right to change or revise the same at any time by posting any changes on its website. All changes shall be applicable effective immediately after the same are posted on this website. Accordingly customers are required to adhere to all current and revised guidelines and protocols published by the relevant authorities from time to time. 

We are updating policies regularly and are open to suggestions and feedback, please share your thoughts if any at [email protected]